Quotes about the new Japonize Elephants record, "Mélodie Fantastique":


"Describing the band's second album, Mélodie Fantastique, as "eclectic" is an understatement. There is a core of improvisational music, but it supports a kaleidoscope of sounds, including crazed clawhammer banjo that's part Old Time, part bluegrass; Mariachi horns; klezmer; surf guitar; swing; spoken word; blues; Asian tonalities; and Spaghetti western twang." (click here for full article)

- J. Poet, Downbeat


"In their alternate universe, bluegrass, noir cabaret, gypsy music, klezmer, movie themes and vintage Lebanese sounds all coexist simultaneously in the same song, more or less. There is no other band on the planet who sound remotely like them."

"This one’s a lock for one of the best albums of the year: serious Top Ten material."

- Delarue, New York Music Daily


"Themes 'Mélodie Fantastique' and 'End Times...' make it clear this is a folk outfit hatched in a Tim Burton fever dream. In fact, that artist's animations come to mind when hearing these Elephants' artful stampede."

- Music Connection, May 2013


"The new record is a dizzying array of masterful instrumentation that sounds like Bach and P.T Barnum leading an amphetamine-fueled orchestra of crazed and unpredictable players."

"Once again, the new record is AMAZING and I recommend all of our readers to catch the show and pick up the CD or LP!"  

- Kevin McGovern, Fear and Loathing in Long Beach


"If Esquivel had been asked to score a Connery era James Bond film it would sound like 'End Times, The Theme From Bat Boy'."

- Maxwell Chandler, Our Man on the Coast


Other press:


"Powerhouse alto saxophone player"

- SF Chronicle


UCSC Alumni Magazine review