Click on the names to check out these great people/bands/artists/engineers/companies/etc...:


Dominique and Jean-Paul Carton : my parents, they play French folk songs, dance tunes and more!!

Mouzhan : film composer, songwriter

Megan Gould : violinist

Dina Maccabee : violinist, violist, singer, composer

David Gantz : visual artist, musician, webdesigner

George Ban-Weiss : bassist

Mitch Marcus : tenor saxophone, piano, composition

Jason Slota : drums, vibes, other percussion

Michael Abraham : guitar genius

Jeremy Baron : photographer, banjo

Stephen Barncard : sound engineer

Vandoren : the best reeds, mouthpieces, and ligatures available!

Pasoana : mics for clarinet and saxophone (the best way to mic woodwinds for use with effects)

Dunlop : amazing effects pedals, guitar accessories, strings, etc...

ICS : Immersion Composition Society

The Japonize Elephants : Old-time Eastern Honk Orchestra

Space Blaster : Spaghetti-Western Surf-Metal

Tiny Telephone : amazing recording studio in San Francisco

John Vanderslice : indie songwriter, sound guru

Beats Antique : gypsy electronica