Discography (click on album name for more info):


Mélodie Fantastique - LP, The Japonize Elephants. 2013 - guitar, vocals, compositions, saxophones, clarinets, engineer

Orphaned Anthems, Dan Cantrell. 2013 - bari sax, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet

What's It Gonna Take, Maureen and the Mercury 5. 2013 - alto sax, bari sax, tenor sax

Mélodie Fantastique - CD, The Japonize Elephants. 2012 - guitar, vocals, compositions, saxophones, clarinets, engineer

Contraption II, Beats Antique. 2012 - bari sax, alto sax, clarinet

Further to Fly, Wave Mechanics Union. 2012 - alto sax, sop sax, guitar

Elektraphone, Beats Antique. 2011 - bari sax, clarinet, mandolin

Blastoff, Spaceblaster. 2011 - compositions, guitar, engineer

Carolyna Picknick, Carolyna Picknick. 2011 - compositions, guitar, bass, clarinet, vocals

Circus Bella Allstar Band, Circus Bella Allstar Band. 2011 - alto sax, clarinet

Deep Water, Allan Thomas. 2011 - saxophones

Lord Loves a Working Man, Lord Loves a Working Man. 2011 - tenor sax

White Wilderness, John Vanderslice. 2011 - bari sax, bass clarinet, clarinet

E.P. Volume II, The Bodice Rippers. 2010 - bari sax

Green Grow the Rushes, John Vanderslice. 2010 - saxophones

Blind Threshold, Beats Antique. 2010 - saxophones, clarinets

Contraption, Beats Antique. 2009 - saxophones

Countdown to Meltdown, Mitch Marcus Quintet. 2009 - alto sax, compositions

Precious Commodity, Aphrodesia. 2009 - saxophones, compositions

Romanian Names, John Vanderslice. 2009 - saxophones, flute, clarinet

Collide, Beats Antique. 2008 - bari saxophone

Submit to the Chip, Sweet Snacks. 2008 - vocals, keyboards, guitar, saxophones, writing

Tough Week for the Bride, Domique and Jean-Paul Carton. 2008 - bass, mixing

The Special, Mitch Marcus Quintet. 2007 - alto sax, compositions

Lagos by Bus, Aphrodesia. 2007 - saxophones

Rough and Funny, Aphrodesia. 2006 - saxophones

Entropious, Mitch Marcus Quintet. 2003 - alto sax, compositions

40 Years of our Family, The Japonize Elephants. 2003 - guitar, vocals, compositions

Musical Monogram, Mega-Mousse. 2003 - saxophones, guitar, vocals, flute, compositions

Front Lines, Aphrodesia. 2003 - saxophones

Human Zoo, Mood Food. 2003 - saxophones, flute, guitar, compositions

Amaldecor, Amaldecor. 2002 - saxophone, compositions, arrangements

Mood Food, Mood Food. 2001 - saxophones, guitar

Raqsat Salaam, Salaam. 1998 - saxophones

Le Fête du Cloune Pirate, The Japonize Elephants. 1997 - guitar, vocals, compositions

Bob's Bacon Barn, The Japonize Elephants. 1996 - guitar, vocals, compositions 

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